Municipal Waste
Firmano di nuovo per Nuclear Blast
Pubblicato il 28/10/2021 da Lorenzo Becciani

I thrasher statunitensi hanno siglato un nuovo accordo discografico con l'etichetta tedesca.

Questo il loro commento:

"When we were asked about re-signing to Nuclear Blast only 2 words came to mind...no brainer! Having such a long history with an amazing label that's been nothing but supportive made it an easy decision on our part. Looking forward to many records and even more years with The Blast!!! And an extra special thanks to everyone in the warehouse and offices all over for agreeing to stick it out with us for the years to come. Cheers NB and the Waste!" - Tony Foresta (vocals)

"We couldn't think of a more suitable place for the Waste than our radioactive family at Nuclear Blast. They've always given us complete creative freedom and challenged us to push it to the limit with our deranged ideas. As the music business changes with the times, we trust that our vision remains unfazed by trends and our label backs us up with full force." - Ryan Waste (guitarist)

"I think I can say that working with Nuclear Blast has been a pleasure from start to finish. Moving forward with them has been a no brainer, it is also a privilege to be on the same label as many MANY other fantastic bands! Looking forward to bringing more music to the world with Nuclear Blast!" - Land Phil (bassist)

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it ya know? I'm so happy we extended our relationship with Nuclear Blast. They understand what we're all about and it was a no brainer to re-sign. Their dedication to metal combined with the history the label makes NB the perfect home for us." - Dave Witte (drummer)

Queste invece le parole del general manager della label Gerardo Martinez:

"Time flies when you are having fun!  I remember signing the band ten years ago and having the greatest feeling as we had been friends for a while. The fact that ten years later we are renewing our partnership is just a true testament to the dedication the band has and the level of badassery they have by continuing to deliver incredible music for all of us, their fans. Nuclear Blast is proud to continue the path we've both have created...Here's to at least another 100 more years together!"


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Municipal Waste
From USA

2003 - Waste 'Em All
2005 - Hazardous Mutation
2007 - The Art of Partying
2009 - Massive Aggressive
2012 - The Fatal Feast
2017 - Slime And Punishment
2022 - Electrified Brain