If Anything, Suspicious
Il nuovo progetto di Anders Fridén
Pubblicato il 20/11/2021 da Lorenzo Becciani

Anders Fridén degli In Flames ha lanciato il suo nuovo progetto ambient. Il debutto, intitolato OFFAIR: Lullabies For The Damned, uscirà il 3 Dicembre su Offair Records.



Queste le parole del frontman svedese:

“Dive into the unknown and dare to challenge yourself… I’ve been playing metal music for more than 30 years, always judged by previous trials and errors, loved and hated for my choices. But this is a first, a time that will never come again. Something new, something different. I want you to close your eyes, breathe and let the sounds take you on a journey. A journey without borders or restrictions.”