Charlotte Wessels
Pubblicato il 13/05/2022 da Lorenzo Becciani

Davvero spettacolare il nuovo video della ex cantante dei Delain, che dichiara:

"From the moment I finished the track "Afkicken" - my very first song in Dutch, I desperately wanted to tell the story of the song's protagonist in a way that transcends language. I'm thrilled about this absolute fever dream of a video full of cults, monsters and murder I've put together with the amazing cast and VideoInk crew. This video isn't only an ode to some of my favorite films; on a personal level, it presented some brand new experiences and challenges, from wild choreographies to some serious shape-shifting. I'm really excited to bring this one into the world!"




Charlotte Wessels
From Olanda

Tales From Six Feet Under - 2021