God Is An Astronaut
From Dust to the Beyond
Pubblicato il 19/05/2022 da Lorenzo Becciani

Gli irlandesi hanno annunciato l'uscita del live studio anniversary album The Beginning Of The End:


Questo il video di From Dust to the Beyond:


"When we recorded the "The End of the Beginning" we only had limited equipment,; we couldn't even record full live performances - afferma Niels Kinsella - The Beginning of the End gave us the opportunity to perform the whole album live and allowed us to bring more feeling and expression to the music and songs. We're very excited to share this with everyone."


God Is An Astronaut
From Irlanda

2002 – The End of the Beginning
2005 – All Is Violent, All Is Bright
2007 – Far from Refuge
2008 – God Is an Astronaut
2010 – Age of the Fifth Sun
2013 – Origins
2015 – Helios / Erebus
2018 – Epitaph
2021 - Ghost Tapes #10