Pubblicato il 20/06/2022 da Lorenzo Becciani

L'artista finlandese ha pubblicato un nuovo video che la vede collaborare con Jonas Renkse dei Katatonia:


Queste le sue parole:

"Sight" brings a story to the feeling when you fantasise about revenge so much it fills your whole perspective with passive-aggressive emotion and you no longer have clear sight of other things or what is normal. When the thought of revenge consumes you slowly, maybe leading to your own demise instead of the one you've sought to bring down. With this composition I had the pleasure to work with Jonas Renkse, and I was of course terrified of my own (self-alleged) incompetence but soon Jonas made me realise I actually have some good stuff going on. Jonas picked this exact poem he wanted to work on, we got into the vibe and the whole process from there was very effortless and encouraging. This was also the first song from the album we got ready and only made some really minor arrangement additions later on.   Jonas Renkse aggiunge:
"I'd never written a song for someone else before but when this opportunity showed up I jumped at the chance. I was already in writing mode and had everything set up. I think me and Rioghan found a starting point quickly and could just go with the flow on this one. We were bouncing ideas for a bit and then the song pretty much wrote itself."

Stream: https://push.fm/fl/rioghan-sight