Pubblicato il 28/06/2022 da Lorenzo Becciani

Per il suo progetto musicale, la modella ventunenne Lyzzle Larosa ha sottoscritto un contratto discografico con Cleopatra Records e diffuso il video di Babylon:


Queste le parole di Ken Tighe di Cleopatra Records:

 “Post-apocalyptic Bratz doll from hell,” babychaos has carved out a unique space in music, which she dubs 'industrial pop. 'Combining the harsh electronic tones and distorted guitar of industrial metal with a vocal and songwriting sensibility that aims for big pop hooks, babychaos’s newest single 'Babylon' is her most accomplished musical statement to date. Check it out we are very excited to her what y'all think! She's definitely an icon."

Così l'artista parla del nuovo singolo:

"'Babylon' is about the inevitable vilification of people living their authentic truth. I’ve found that no matter what, people will project their inner wounds and fears into others no matter how morally good you may think you are. My mom told me growing up that people are going to talk no matter what, so you may as well give them something to talk about. This is exactly what that song is about as it’s been such a prominent theme in my life. Learning to dance in your darkness, even at your loneliest is something that no one can take from you. I've built a community of my listeners who are simply visionaries, and I love how they use my music and art in general to fuel their own visions and creative endeavors."