Charlotte Wessels
Against All Odds
Pubblicato il 29/06/2022 da Lorenzo Becciani

L'ex Delain annuncia il suo secondo lavoro solista Tales From Six Feet Under Vol II con un singolo che vede come ospite Timo Somers:


Queste le parole di Charlotte:

"'Against All Odds' might seem like an odd choice for a first glimpse of this record - isn't it the rule to start off with something upbeat and heavy? That rule is broken here - but it embodies the introspection and anticipation of starting over again. While the lyrics can be interpreted for many different scenarios - it was especially meaningful to record a video for the song on the empty stage of TivoliVredenburg, the setting of both the last gig I performed pre-Covid, and the first ever show with my new material coming up October 23. I am dying to get back out there."



Charlotte Wessels
From Olanda

Tales From Six Feet Under - 2021