Cold Night For Alligators
Thin Line (Acoustic)
Pubblicato il 27/07/2022 da Lorenzo Becciani

I danesi hanno pubblicato un estratto di The Hindsight Notes e dichiarano:

"We're incredibly proud with how "The Hindsight Notes" came out. The response has been very kind and we have a few cool things in the valut, so we thought we'd give a little extra for new and old followers of the band. We poured our hearts and souls into this record and were very particular with the concept and final form of the record. This meant that one track didn't really fit, so we kep that out along with a few cool alternative versions of the tracks you know from the album, which we made with some cool collaborators. Well, they will be out on August 26th, and hopefully both old and new friends of the band will find something to like." 

E aggiungono:
"This track is very driven, straightforward and doesn't really let up at any point. We thought the song had another dimension to it, though, so we decided to try stripping it down and rearranging it. Our friend Frederik Brandt Jakobsen did an amazing piano arrangement, which we recorded live with him and Johan at the Royal Danish Academy of Music. The core emotion of the song is intact, but we feel it breathes and flows in a completely new way, which we're very excited about."