Blind Guardian
Violent Shadows
Pubblicato il 29/07/2022 da Lorenzo Becciani

In attesa di farci ascoltare The God Machine, previsto nei negozi il 2 Settembre tramite Nuclear Blast, i tedeschi hanno diffuso il video di un estratto dell'album:


Hansi Kürsch afferma:

"Since our WWW Virtual Wacken Performance, Violent Shadows threw a massive, already overpowering shade on the expectations of 'The God Machine'. We were pretty aware of the effects that the number would develop. The message is quite clear in my opinion: We're able to go straight forward! With the single release you get a very concise impression of the album's precision and intensity. Just one more thing: Everybody who thinks that the wait for the remaining five songs isn't worth it, is completely wrong! Every single song is a firework and shines even brighter in context. Remember my words, enjoy 'Violent Shadows' and pre-order The God Machine. Today, September 2nd's already yesterday."

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