The Night Flight Orchestra
Black Stars And Diamonds
Pubblicato il 30/07/2022 da Lorenzo Becciani

Nuova traccia online per gli svedesi che annunciano una nuova backing vocalist:


Queste le parole di Björn Strid:

"This song is the ultimate weekend tribute, where fallen angels, dreams of glitter and late summer twilight unite in an exploding cocktail. We are very thrilled to officially welcome the amazing Åsa Lundman to the fold! This marks a new era for the band as her and Anna Brygård unite as the unstoppable back up duo  The Aeromanticas. Make sure you follow them on social media! We are very thrilled to share this new single with you, which debuts this amazing back up duo. The future looks so damn bright you ought to use the bottom of champagne bottles as goggles! Enjoy!


The Night Flight Orchestra
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