Misplaced Among The Angels
Pubblicato il 11/08/2022 da Lorenzo Becciani

In attesa del nuovo album degli Avantasia, è disponibile un estratto che vede la partecipazione di Floor Jansen:


Tobias Sammet commenta:  “There are still some special voices and artists left that I wanted to work with; one of them being Nightwish singer and frontwoman, Floor Jansen. 'Misplaced Among The Angels' was already finished when I asked Floor to contribute to the song. She said she could imagine singing it, although she wasn't 100% sure in the beginning if the lower range passages would suit her rather higher range singing style. But without further ado, she gave it a shot and she delivered unbelievably. I personally think that 'Misplaced Among The Angels', complete with Floor’s strong voice, is one of the best ballads of my entire career“.


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