Sonata Arctica
I Have Right
Pubblicato il 12/08/2022 da Lorenzo Becciani

In attesa di Acoustic Adventures - Volume Two ecco il primo singolo estratto dall'album:


Henrik "Henkka" Klingenberg dichiara: "We first released "I Have A Right" as a single ten years ago, lifted from the "Stones Grow Her Name" album. Since then, the song has been a mainstay in our live sets and now with the "Acoustic Adventures" tours and albums we feel that the song has revived itself and the new recording turned out quite different from the original. It was really hard to pick out singles for the "Acoustic Adventures" albums, but I guess we'll have to start somewhere, right? Check it out and there'll be more stuff coming out shortly, cheers!"

Sonata Arctica
From Finlandia

1999 – Ecliptica
2001 – Silence
2003 – Winterheart's Guild
2004 – Reckoning Night
2007 – Unia
2009 – The Days of Grays
2012 – Stones Grow Her Name
2014 – Pariah's Child
2016 – The Ninth Hour
2019- Talviyö