Diametrical Enchantress
Pubblicato il 17/08/2022 da Lorenzo Becciani

Nuovo video online per gli autori di Myriad:


Emma Näslund (Vocals) commenta:
"When people hear that you play music, at first some think it's really cool.
But when it comes down to it they condemn it. 
The time you have to put in to your craft and rehearsals and meetings etc.
Some people think it's just sliding around in VIP areas on a shrimp sandwich. 
Others would argue that it's time to give up your "hobby" up and do something "real".
But some things you can't stop doing. 
Art needs be created. 
Music needs to be created. 
There is always room for more and it's important to keep going. 
I guess some people just needs to create music and art or they'll implode. 
Diametrical Enchantress was the last song we wrote for the album Myriad. It's freeing because it just came out of us as certainly as mosquitoes in summer.