The Halo Effect
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Pubblicato il 25/08/2022 da Lorenzo Becciani

Straordinario successo per il debutto del nuovo progetto di Mikael Stanne e membri degli In Flames, che si sono spinti fino al primo posto nella classifica svedese:

"We are equally excited and humbled seeing that our debut album is making an impact on the charts around Europe. Nr 1 on our home country of Sweden is just mind-blowing and having the nr 6 positions in Germany, Finland and the Austria respectfully gives us the impression that the unholy forces of melodic death metal fandom is with us. Thank you everyone who has purchased, streamed and viewed our album. We couldn't be more proud and we love you all for being there with us. See you on the road soon!"  

Queste le posizioni nelle maggiori classifiche mondiali:

Sweden: 1 
Germany: 6 
Finnland: 6 (Top 50), 2 (physical) 
Austria: 6 
Switzerland: 8 
UK: 3 (Rock), 10 (Indie) 
USA: 3 (Top New Artist), 5 (Current Hard Music)

I The Halo Effect si esibiranno al Distretto Lorenzini di Milano il 4 Ottobre.

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The Halo Effect
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