Se ne va il cantante
Pubblicato il 25/08/2022 da Lorenzo Becciani

Riley McShane ha annunciato di aver lasciato gli Allegaeon:

 “I am no longer a member of the music project Allegaeon. I wish the remaining members nothing but the best in their careers – I have nothing but admiration & respect for their musical abilities. To our fans – I’m sorry if this news causes heavy hearts in any of you. Allegaeon, however, has always been able to find new members with talent, creativity, and fire in their bellies. I’m sure whoever replaces me behind the microphone will take the band in a fantastic creative direction.  To the friends I’ve made along the way on this journey – you are loved so dearly and my gratitude for your support is immeasurable. I look forward to keeping in touch and staying close as always. The rest of the band will still be touring in EU this November – make sure to buy a ticket, buy some merch, and support them & the rest of the band however you can. Thank you Allegaeon for the years. Good luck and be well.”

From USA

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