Fit For An Autopsy
Walk With Me In Hell
Pubblicato il 31/08/2022 da Lorenzo Becciani

I Fit For An Autopsy hanno pubblicato online una strepitosa cover dei Lamb Of God:


Questo il loro commento:

"When we started this band, Lamb of God was one of our collective inspirations as to what we hoped FFAA could become one day.  Uncompromising DIY work ethic, socially conscious subject matter, timeless songs and riffs for days. In celebration of our upcoming tour with them, we thought it'd be fun to do a little tribute to one of their classics. Please enjoy Walk With Me In Hell"


Fit For An Autopsy
From USA

2011 The Process of Human Extermination
2013 Hellbound
2015 Absolute Hope Absolute Hell
2017 The Great Collapse
2019 The Sea of Tragic Beasts
2021 Oh, What The Future Holds