The White Buffalo
Year Of The Dark Horse
Pubblicato il 02/09/2022 da Lorenzo Becciani

'Year of The Dark Horse', l'ottavo album del cantautore e chitarrista americano Jake Smith, in arte The White Buffalo, uscirà l'11 novembre su Snakefarm/VMLAS.

L'album è stato prodotto da Jay Joyce (Eric Church) ai Neon Cross Studios di Nashville.

Queste le parole dell'artista:

"You think we're a country band? A folk band? Americana? Rock? What the fuck are you gonna say now?! With this album, I wanted something outside of what I've ever done. I wanted to open up. Do something dangerous. I'm hard to put into a singular genre as it is, but now I really wanted to take away any kind of preconception or pigeon-holing. And don't ask me, cos I don't know what it is! It's a genre-bending thing--there's elements and influences from ELO, Daniel Lanois, Tom Waits, The Boss, circus, pirate music, yacht rock, and I'm driving and pushing some of these numbers in a way I've never done before." 


The White Buffalo
From USA

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