Erika Grapes
Pubblicato il 02/09/2022 da Lorenzo Becciani

Nuovo singolo online per la cantante milanese, che dichiara:

"My path on this planet hasn't been an easy one. Major and minor traumas have shaped my dissociative and dysmorphic disorders, which I have embraced and are also featured on the single cover for Titanium that you can see above: heavy filters and a fragmented identity. But You know what? I firmly believe that my fragility, my complexity is also my strength, the Titanium I am made of, a heart that is able to fall and rise back up again and again and still recognize the transcendental value of things. When the producer Andrea Del Miglio (with whom I have already worked on Red Right Hand and Into Dust) sent me his piano-ballad idea of Sia's Titanium, I loved it immediately and I could relate to its lyrics so much to burst into tears a couple of times during the rehearsal. I hope that this new song will be able to deliver a piece of that emotion to you."