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Pubblicato il 03/09/2022 da Lorenzo Becciani

I canadesi celebreranno il loro ventennale con un EP di rarità intitolato DÉTERRÉ.

Si tratta di cinque canzoni che risalgono al 2004 e che sono state rimasterizzate per l'occasione.

Alex Erian commenta;

"2004 was a definitive year for DESPISED ICON. After switching from drums to vocals and recruiting Alex Grind behind the kit, we started experimenting more and more, blending various elements of Death Metal and Hardcore together. Eager to get our name out, we played every show we could jump on and quickly recorded demo versions of 'Bulletproof Scales' and 'Warm Blooded'. After uploading both tracks to Myspace and mailing a few hand-assembled CD-R promo copies to labels, people were finally starting to notice. The next thing we knew, we were booked on our first US tour with DEICIDE and were in the studio working simultaneously on a split CD for Relapse Records and on our sophomore album The Healing Process for Century Media. Unearthed after 17 years and available on tape and 10" vinyl formats for the very first time, the 5 demo tracks on Déterré capture the energy and excitement of that era. We hope you enjoy this limited edition EP and look forward to sharing new music with you in 2023."