The Neuromancer
Pubblicato il 05/09/2022 da Lorenzo Becciani

Così Steffen Kummerer commenta l'uscita del nuovo video dei tedeschi: 

"We produced a brand new music video with Mirko Witzki for one of the most challenging and demanding songs off our album A Valediction. ´The Neuromancer´  features high speed riffing, sharp solos and a spot on performance by the entire band. Catch us performing this monster on our upcoming „A Valediction Europe“ Tour with guests Persefone and Disillusion. Make sure to pick up your tickets!“. 


Gli Obscura si esibiranno al Legend di Milano il 15 Settembre.

From Germania

Retribution (2004)
Cosmogenesis (2009)
Omnivium (2011)
Akróasis (2016)
Diluvium (2018)
A Valediction (2021)