Pubblicato il 09/09/2022 da Lorenzo Becciani

Nuovo video online per la storica thrash band della Bay Area:


Chuck Billy commenta:

 "I am very excited for the release of our 'WW3' video. This song is really relevant to what is going on in this crazy world we live in. When the song was written it was based on a future that I wished would never happen. Today I feel anything is possible."



From USA

1987 - The Legacy
1988 - The New Order
1989 - Practice What You Preach
1990 - Souls of Black
1992 - The Ritual
1994 - Low
1997 - Demonic
1999 - The Gathering
2008 - The Formation of Damnation
2012 - The Dark Roots of Earth
2016 - Brotherhood Of The Snake
2020 - Titans Of Creation