Ad Infinitum
Chapter I - Monarchy & Chapter I Revisited
Pubblicato il 12/09/2022 da Lorenzo Becciani

Il 7 Ottobre Napalm Records pubblicherà Chapter I - Monarchy & Chapter I Revisited, versione rivista e corretta del debutto del gruppo guidato da Melissa Bonny, che afferma:

"We are thrilled to release, for the very first time, our first album Chapter I - Monarchy and its acoustic version Chapter I Revisited on vinyl. This special edition represents a very particular debut year for the band, in the middle of a global pandemic. But nonetheless the support that we received and the metal family that joined our journey despite those circumstances made this experience a heartwarming one. Thank you!"


Ad Infinitum
From Svizzera/Germania

Chapter I - Monarchy (2020)
Chapter I Revisited (2020)
Chapter II – Legacy (2021)