Pubblicato il 16/09/2022 da Lorenzo Becciani

Nuova traccia online per il progetto folk-metal di Will Hunter, che dichiara:

“VÉVAKI is very much based in our modern heathen tradition. Sigurboði and I had been playing music for a while and we have used music as part of our personal spiritual practise. We had worked on some songs together but they were very much personal. Then we had a jam session in this cave in Iceland and afterwards we tried to record a song. I asked if Sigurboði would feature on it and he said yes, thankfully. Then I went home and used my home recording equipment to do a song which we sent to Danheim (Danish folk musician) and he put me on his online record label. And that’s how VÉVAKI started. We did a full album from there. Sigurboði featured heavily on it, even though he wasn’t in the band in any official capacity. But he did lots of drums and vocals and stuff like that.”

Su Heimdalagaldr afferma:

"Heimdalagaldr is our nod to the lost Eddic poem of the same name, of which we only have two surviving lines.. "Níu em ek mæðra mavgr, níu em ek systra sonur. I am born of nine mothers, I am the son of nine sisters.”"