Charlotte Wessels
Parla della nuova cantante dei Delain
Pubblicato il 19/09/2022 da Lorenzo Becciani

Nella seguente intervista la cantante olandese ha parlato della nuova cantante della sua ex band, sottolineando tra l'altro:

"I am very sad our cooperation has come to end, but at the same time I am very grateful for all the years we were able to work together. Together we toured the world, shared highs and lows, and met with many successes as well as times that pushed us to learn and grow. We all enjoyed meeting our fans and making new friends all over the globe. I know that you might have questions about the 'why' in all of this. I fully understand and respect that. Simply put, it is the sad conclusion of more than a year of trying to find solutions to built-up grievances. Part of me feels like I'm letting all of you down, I'd like you to know that this decision was not taken lightly and I apologize to those of you who had high hopes of seeing all of us together live on stage again after lockdown. Until recently, I thought this might still be in the cards for us as well."


Tales From Six Feet Under Vol II uscirà il 7 Ottobre su Napalm Records. 


Charlotte Wessels
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