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A pochi giorni dall'annuncio di 'Fossora', il nuovo album in arrivo il 30 settembre, accompagnato dal primo brano, 'Atopos' - con la collaborazione di Gabber Modus Operandi, spazia dal punk all'elettronica, dall'hardcore al noise, e dal successivo 'Ovule' – un brano che esplora la fragilità dell'amore – la straordinaria Björk pubblica oggi 'Ancestress', una riflessione sulla mortalità e sui rituali del dolore. Nel video, l'artista conduce una preselezione tribale prima di inventare misteriosi elisir. 


“on my new album, fossora, i wrote 2 songs to my mother. this one, ancestress, is written just after her wordly funeral

and is probably an impulse common with musicians:

to make your version of the story, later.

i am very grateful to my son, sindri eldon, to arrange and sing vocals in the choruses

as he has a sublime voice and was very close to her.

for 20 years i have not been able to attend funerals as something in them rubbed me the wrong way.

possibly a big part of it is after having lived a life of thousands concerts, i probably have too strong ideas on how a ritual should be,

too bossy about what kinda sound, musical structure, words it should include

and it took me all this time to discover that for me all funerals should be outside.

probably what was offending me most was how can one set off the spirit in such a claustrophobic environment as a church?

when the soul sets off, it needs to be outside so there is room for how enormous it becomes when it merges with the elements

so therefore i asked my friend andrew thomas huang to help me film this outside, in a valley she often picked herbs in

to create a procession of musicians celebrating her life

i am grateful for my brother to carry her ashes and take part

also to james merry to make masks for all of us including an ocean of musicians

and erna ómarsdóttir to choreograph my mother´s spirit and her helpers



Il video di 'Ancestress' è diretto da Andrew Thomas Huang e con la direzione creativa di Björk , accompagnata dal collaboratore di lunga data James Merry.

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