Ad Infinitum
Upside Down
Pubblicato il 07/10/2022 da Lorenzo Becciani

Upside Down è il nuovo video del gruppo guidato da Melissa Bonny, che dichiara:

"As we hit the road for our European tour with Amaranthe, Beyond The Black and Butcher Babies, we are proud and excited to present "Upside Down", the first single of our upcoming album Chapter III – Downfall. We are looking forward to seeing many of you all over Europe and playing this new song on stage!"

E aggiunge:

"The word is out, Chapter III - Downfall is on its way! For this album, we explored stories and legends of Ancient Egypt with, as star character and main inspiration, Cleopatra. We added some extra dimension and sounds to our signature AD INFINITUM sound to create an extra dimension, transporting the listener to mystical landscapes of another era. We are beyond excited to start to unveil this new record!"





Ad Infinitum
From Svizzera/Germania

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