Metality (The Vitality Anthem)
Pubblicato il 02/11/2022 da Lorenzo Becciani

Matthew K. Heafy dei Trivium e Nuclear Blast hanno lanciato Metality (The Vitality Anthem):


Queste le parole del musicista:

“Metal and gaming are two constants in my life that I hold near and dear. I've always found that gaming and metal go so well together... it's as if they BELONG together. Vitality is an org I have been a longtime fan of — I love their players and I feel they are some of the best on the planet. I love that they have their Metality brand built inside the org as well!  When I was approached to create the theme song for their CS:GO team, I knew instantly what it needed to sound like. It was such a blast to create the piece in which I heard in my head when I think of Vitality and Metality.  Thank you so much to Vitality for allowing me to do this — the partnership between Vitality x Nuclear Blast x Kiichi Chaos is going to show the world how far ahead of the game Vitality is. I look forward to what the future holds for Vitality!”

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