Harakiri For The Sky
02:19 AM, Psychosis
Pubblicato il 03/11/2022 da Lorenzo Becciani

Gli austriaci propongono una versione rivista di ‘02:19 AM, Psychosis’:


J.J. commenta:

"I think '02:19 AM: Psychosis' was the second song we ever worked on together as HFTS. It's difficult to think back to these days, since it's nearly 11 years that I wrote its lyrics. All I remember is that I was stuck in a very lengthy and toxic relationship where I wanted to get out of, but somehow was to afraid to leave. For several years. I also know, that I was quite enamoured with "The Catcher in the Rye" at this time as you can read between the lines. I think that is the main story of this song, its conclusion..." 

Ancora disponibile la cover di Mad World dei Tears For Fears:


Harakiri For The Sky
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