For Horror Eats the Light
Pubblicato il 08/11/2022 da Lorenzo Becciani

Gli scozzesi annunciano il nuovo album per Febbraio con un video da brividi a cura di Simona Noreik:


Let the Earth Be Silent uscirà per Prophecy Productions:


"The track 'For Horror Eats the Light' is a lament about giving up all sense of hope, embracing the absence of light and a forced return to barren lands through devastation" - afferma Syd Scarlet - "The song is about contemplating our lives coming to an end while accepting that nothing can save us and nothing should. It was written to include several movements that each mirror an emotional stage. The title of the song was inspired by a quote from Thomas Ligotti: 'Not even the solar brilliance of a summer day will harbor you from horror. For horror eats the light and digests it into darkness'. 

Tiffany Ström aggiunge: "The video was created by Simona Noreik, an amazing artist with whom we had previously collaborated on our live visuals. Simona's artistic vision really complemented the apocalyptic nature of our song perfectly and she managed to portray desolation, extinction and nothingness with grace."


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