Twilight Force
Il nuovo singolo
Pubblicato il 12/11/2022 da Lorenzo Becciani

Lyric video online per gli autori di At the Heart of Wintervale:



Questo il commento degli svedesi:

"Rejoice and Revel!! We are extraordinarily elated and proud to finally share the first track and single from our fourth opus: 'Twilight Force'.
Our self-titled track is the tale of the Six Crystal Bearers and their quest for the glory of the Seven Kingdoms. The six heroes, as foretold by the Book of Time, are the protectors of the realms and the saviours who shall lead the Twilight Kingdoms into eternal prosperity and triumph. So come, follow the Crystal Bearer's journey throughout this swift and classic piece, where the sounds and sights of old and new are fused into one sparkling concoction of extraordinary adventures! Join us, partake in the adventure once again, and May the Power of the Dragon Guide You!"



Twilight Force
From Svezia

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