Legacy Of Tudors
Pubblicato il 17/11/2022 da Lorenzo Becciani

Live video online per gli austriaci che torneranno nei negozi a febbraio con Memoria:


Queste le loro parole:

"We're so excited to finally unveil the first single from our upcoming live album MEMORIA. This track is a very special one to us as it's taken from the album War of Ages which will have it's tenth anniversary next year. During that time Clémentine Delauney was a permanent member of SERENTIY and we feel very honoured that she returned to travel back in time to celebrate this special occasion and perform this track with us."




From Austria

Words Untold & Dreams Unlived 2007
Fallen Sanctuary 2008
Death & Legacy 2011
War of Ages 2013
Codex Atlanticus 2016
Lionheart 2017
The Last Knight 2020