Pubblicato il 24/11/2022 da Lorenzo Becciani

I Sâver presentano il pezzo che sarà presente nello split con Frøkedal:


Queste le loro parole:

As big fans of Frøkedal we were super stoked to be asked to cover a song from «Flora». Yet there was an underlying concern of how to approach a song from that album, making it “our own” without losing the heavy, which made us listen to the record in a completely different way. We stripped down all expectations of ourselves as a heavy sludge band and how we usually write songs and dived into It with an open mind, only knowing we wanted it to sound big, beautiful and heavy, while still honoring the integrity of Frøkedal songwriting. 

The song Shot-Put really stood out with its droney fiddle intro and slow, dynamic buildup that we really love as an arrangement “effect”. The subtle harmonic changes and beautiful melodies worked really well slowed down, which we felt would be natural, considering all the songs had a more fast pace than we usually have on our own songs. The vision of having a heavy Moog bass throughout the whole song, and only duplicate the guitars from the original, this combined with super clean vocals with lots of harmonies, led the way for us to basically enjoy ourselves in the studio with the mighty Kim Lillestøl. Adding what felt right for the song and experimenting without feeling we had to sound like anything we had done before. 

Originally we even ended the song with a heavy riff in the SÂVER-vibe you are used to, but ended up scratching it; feeling the song itself stood stronger on its own. Anne Lise agreed to do some backup vocals, that really brought the whole thing together and blended perfectly with Ole Rokseth´s clean vocals and harmonies. We are big fans, so it was an amazing experience to have her in the studio. And to top it all off, Lars Horntveth (Jaga Jazzist), recorded some pedal steel that made our jaws drop. What an amazing experience this has been. We hope you will enjoy the track!