Ashen Era
Pubblicato il 12/12/2022 da Lorenzo Becciani

Disponibile il nuovo video degli scozzesi:


Il duo dark doom tornerà nei negozi a Febbraio con Let the Earth Be Silent:


Tiffany Ström afferma:

"Inspired by the deeply destructive nature and harmful presence of our species, 'Ashen Era' was the first song that we wrote for this album, which also established its foundation. In our writing process, we used dissonant orchestral instrumentation coupled with eerie vocals to ritualistically build up from a chant of despair to a state of acceptance. It is moving from the overwhelming longing for annihilation as well as the anxiety and guilt of our existence, to finding beauty and peace in our own impending end."

Syd Scarlet aggiunge:

"The video was created by mixed media artist Teresa Elizabeth Lobos of Lagomorphosis. Having followed her work for some time and really liking her animated collage style and somber aesthetics, we were really looking forward to pairing her ideas with our music."

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