Di nuovo su Nuclear Blast
Pubblicato il 16/12/2022 da Lorenzo Becciani

Nuclear Blast ha dato un nuovo benvenuto agli Hammerfall, che proprio sotto l'etichetta tedesca hanno dato vita alla loro eccezionale carriera col capolavoro Glory To The Brave.

Queste le parole della band:

"We were part of building the label back in the day, starting with our first album. For a long time, we were along for the ride as Nuclear Blast evolved into the immense powerhouse it is today. Although we did leave for three studio albums, and we are pleased with those albums and thank everyone who worked with us on them, we are very excited to be back where we belong: with Nuclear Blast. It truly feels like we've come home."

Marcus Hammer di Nuclear Blast commenta: "In the darkest days of the 90s of death and black metal HammerFall spearheaded a glorious revival of classic melodic metal and they are now bigger than ever before. It's an impressive career of creative power and we are more than happy to welcome them back at the label where they started. Over the past few years, we always stayed in good contact working on their massive back catalogue and it's a pleasure to continue the relationship for new albums in the near future. Thanks to HammerFall, their management and amazing crew!"

Ecco il momento della firma immortalato da Dirk Behlau:

From Svezia

Glory to the Brave (1997)
Legacy of Kings (1998)
Renegade (2000)
Crimson Thunder (2002)
Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken (2005)
Threshold (2006)
No Sacrifice, No Victory (2009)
Infected (2011)
(r)Evolution (2014)
Built to Last (2016)
Dominion (2019)
Hammer of Dawn (2022)