Golden Eyes
Pubblicato il 16/12/2022 da Lorenzo Becciani

Amanti dello scandi-rock non potete perdere il nuovo singolo degli Upploppet:


Così dichiara Kiffe Olsson:

''Golden Eyes is the new open door for us. When we showcased this to the label, they knew that they had struck gold''

Queste le paroel di Kaj di The Sign Records:
”It’s amazing to see that Gothenburg, Sweden delivered again! The city have given us action rock acts as The Drippers and Scumbag Millionaires, they have given us the garage rock sound through Union Carbide Production and now they give us Upploppet. This city keeps delivers great music. I hear so many influences, from Dead Boys, MC5, Turbonegro and The Stooges. Rock is supposed to be wild and raw. This band raw and wild, it is the real deal.”