Look Outside Your Window
Pubblicato il 02/01/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

In una recente intervista Shawn Crahan ha parlato di un album inedito che gli Slipknot potrebbero pubblicare quest'anno.

Il titolo dell'album dovrebbe essere Look Outside Your Window.

Queste le sue parole:

"It's an amazing body of work. You will never hear another Corey Taylor like this. The music and the words… it's one of the best things I've ever done in my life. We wouldn't want SLIPKNOT to hurt 'Look Outside Your Window', and we wouldn't want 'Look Outside Your Window' to be a little irritation to SLIPKNOT. Why? Because it's beautiful God art and people deserve it. The good news is that six months from now, April Fool's Day 2023, we're off the label. There are no plans to immediately release something, and we haven't talked about it, but I would imagine it'll probably come very soon afterwards. There's nothing else to do, and it's ready to go. It'll be worth the wait."

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