My Will To Live
Pubblicato il 05/01/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

Così la storica death metal band americana presenta il nuovo lyric video estratto da Dying Of Everything:

“The time is ALMOST here and we could not be more excited to FINALLY get the new album in the hands of the fans! It’s been a long time coming and we know that you guys have been patiently waiting for this release so we are proud to give one more treat with this next single.

‘My Will to Live‘ was one of the last songs we wrote for this album and it is the one we chose for the lyric video as it’s a classic Obituary style song with plenty of groove, a vicious vocal performance by JT and a damn good representation of ‘Dying of Everything‘ as a whole and will hopefully wet your taste buds and prepare your ear canal for what you can expect from these FloridaBoys and the New Record!

..enjoy and here we go!!!!!!”




From USA

Slowly We Rot (1989)
Cause Of Death (1990)
The End Complete (1992)
World Demise (1994)
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Dead (1998)
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Frozen Alive (2006)
Xecutioner's Return (2007)
Darkest Day (2009)
Inked In Blood (2014)
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Dying Of Everything (2023)