Breaking Point
Pubblicato il 11/01/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

Nuovo video online per la storica industrial metal band guidata da Tommy Victor, che afferma:

"The origins of the song happened during the waning part of the pandemic. I have to admit that I came up with the main riff while we were out on the Black Label Society tour. I guess that would make sense to some. There was so much insecurity going on. What we were told kept changing. The crowds on that tour were so intense. It seemed like everyone was just sweating out all this frustration. Everyone was just fed up. I think that sentiment has remained and even grown with a lot of people. It's a 'general frustration in the world' type song. I've been getting back into these heavy, solid, mean riffs. I think moving back to New York has helped with these. I'm really happy where I'm at all around. I think it's coming across in the new songs and showing a rejuvenated attitude."





From USA

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