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Nuovo singolo online per i tedeschi:

Chris afferma:

"I want to try different things. "Tief" is about going somewhere else to get what you can't get at home. But in the end, you're being alone with the cravings and not ready to take the last step. You enjoy the moment knowing that the farewell is coming, and in the end, you will just return back home and find yourself beside a person you don't love (anymore) ...."

From Germania

1999: Child of Glass
2001: Seelenschmerz
2002: Angel Dust
2004: Demon Kiss
2007: Labyrinth
2009: Schwarzes Eis
2011: Tränenherz
2013: Monument
2015: Omen/Save Us
2017: Leitbild
2019: Un:Gött
2021: Erlösung - The Victory Of Light