Wasting Away
Pubblicato il 20/01/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

Nuovo video online per i canadesi, che affermano:

"This record is a journey through Amaliia's emotions and as our final single, we wanted to give life to Amaliia. Feeling trapped, being watched over, living life feeling like a robot—it's a visual representation of the song and an ending to this phase of her story. To us, Amaliia is a symbol that could be me, you, or anyone you know struggling with a battle within themselves. ‘Wasting Away’ touches on a time in your life when you only know that you're sinking and there's no lifeline to grab onto. We looked to break the third wall while you listen to this track by putting you in both ours and your controversial thoughts and inner dialogue. The contrast between the dark lyrics and upbeat music creates a push-and-pull feeling that allows the listener to experience the song on a more emotional level. It's our most raw and unfiltered track."