Fear Factory
Ancora su Nuclear Blast
Pubblicato il 23/01/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

La storica industrial metal band californiana ha siglato un nuovo accordo discografico con Nuclear Blast, l'etichetta che ha distribuito Genexus, Aggression Continuum e Recoded.

Queste le parole di Dino Cazares

"This is a new year and a new chapter for FEAR FACTORY. We are off to a great start because we have re-signed with Nuclear Blast Records and our A&R legend Monte Conner, who originally signed the band in 1992. It is a great feeling to be with a label that gets us and who has always had our backs, especially when we needed them the most. Prepare for the future of FEAR FACTORY."


Fear Factory
From USA

Soul Of A New Machine (1992)
Demanufacture (1995)
Obsolete (1998)
Digimortal (2001)
Concrete (2002)
Archetype (2004)
Transgression (2005)
Mechanize (2010)
The Industrialist (2012)
Genexus (2015)
Aggression Continuum (2021)