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Livin' On The Line
Pubblicato il 30/01/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

Nuovo singolo online per gli autori di Sundowners:


Queste le parole di Cormac Neeson: 

"We had a blast recording and making the video for this 'Livin’ On The Line.' The song harks back to our days on the road when everything we was an incessant dash from show to show, market to market all living on the edge, fuelled by alcohol and rock ‘n’ roll! The song is about getting through one of those days when you know that just making it out the other side in once piece is achievement enough. It’s been great to make a fresh return after seven years and we’ve got that hunger and desire back to get out in front of our fans with what we think is some of our best music ever!”


The Answer
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