Pubblicato il 01/02/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

Nuovo singolo online per il gruppo post-punk britannico, che dichiara:

"With this third single from 'Hunt' we wanted to demonstrate the other sounds that influence our music, outside of the hard rock and post-punk. 'Damocles' is a sprawling, slithering slow-build of a track, taking as much influence from the new romantics as it does gothic rock. It wasn't a conscious decision to make the song take this shape, instead we trusted our instincts and followed them to what we consider new ground for the band. Ground that we will no doubt return to in future. The video's use of projected images blasted across a landscape marred by the pursuit of all that glitters, who's lights shine in the night like car headlights, quite literally make us a part of the city we call home. Filmed in the freezing cold January night, the creation process of this video perfectly reflects the song's message of a cold and uncaring world, one in which we must create our own fire and tread carefully, lest we fall from our path. One misstep and the blade swings free.