Holy Moses
Invisible Queen
Pubblicato il 03/02/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

Di seguito la title track del capitolo finale della storia della thrash metal band tedesca, atteso nei negozi ad Aprile su Fireflash Records:



Sabina Classen dichiara: "I'm going to disappear into the void and I'm proud of what I've been able to accomplish with Holy Moses since 1981. I never could have imagined that I would travel across most of the world with my high school band and eventually leave with such a clear statement, as I have with this album. This title-track was tailored for me by my guitarist Pete. The lyrics are self-explanatory and is one of the heaviest songs on the album; it is pure, unadulterated THRASH." Of course, this song will be part of the live set for the "Final Reign Tour" in 2023.


Holy Moses
From Germania

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