Pubblicato il 09/03/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

In attesa della seconda parte dell'Epic Apocalypse Tour, gli olandesi hanno diffuso il live video di Rivers che vede protagonisti gli Apocalptica:


Il video è stato girato all'AFAS di Amsterdam, davanti ad oltre 5000 fans.  

"To play with these legendary musicians on our biggest indoor show in the Netherlands was a dream come true ", commenta Coen Janssen e Mark Jansen aggiunge: "To perform with APOCALYPTICA added an extra layer of pure magic to the song. Not only are these guys great musicians but also on a personal level, we match very well with these lovely people. Therefore, it was particularly special to perform 'Rivers' with them and we are very proud to present you the result of this collaboration in the form of our live performance." 


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