Pubblicato il 17/03/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

L'artista finlandese pubblica oggi il video di Marras e lancia la campagna per il vinile di Ruska:


”Lately there's been a lot of work with everything and finally the video for "Marras" will see the daylight. Originally the video was filmed late last summer. Also there's been questions about the vinyl release of "Ruska", but the main problem still for the independent artists without huge companies behind is the rising shipping costs. Vinyl with shipped tracking can be twice the price of the vinyl itself. I've been trying to figure out different options but now I am super excited to have this opportunity again to offer the Vinyl for everyone (worldwide) with the reasonable price together with the cooperation of the nicest people from Bandcamp. Pre-order will be available only until April 15th, so now is your chance. I look forward to making this happen. See you at the future shows! ”



Qui trovate la recensione del disco:


From Finlandia

Kätkyt - 2018
Ruska - 2022