Endless Ambition
Pubblicato il 28/03/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

Le brasiliane svelano la nuova formazione ed il singolo Endless Ambition:


Prika Amaral afferma:
"It was a huge challenge for me. It wasn't something I planned or expected, but after a second change of vocalist, I didn't want to go through these changes again, so I decided to face what a lot of people have said since the beginning of NERVOSA - that I should be vocalist. But, as I always heard from some people that I didn't have a technique, that the way I sang hurt my throat, I got carried away by that. Now, after studying vocal techniques for the last few months, I discovered that yes, I've always had the technique and feel comfortable facing this new journey, which I am enjoying a lot".

Nella foto seguente Michaela Naydenova, Helena Kotina, Prika Amaral e Hel Pyre.

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