Northside Festival
Confermata anche Little Simz
Pubblicato il 04/04/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

Al programma del festival danese, che si terrà a Giugno e che Suffissocore seguirà come sempre in esclusiva, si aggiunge anche Little Simz.

Così si legge nel comunicato:

Little Simz has been a buzzy name in the UK rap scene for a decade. However, it's within the past years that Little Simz has gained attention from the wider public thanks to game-changing records like 2019's GREY Area and the Mercury Prize-winning masterpiece Sometimes I Might Be Introvert from 2021, which made Little Simz one of the most nominated artists at the BRIT Awards 2022 alongside stars like Adele and Ed Sheeran.

Last year, Little Simz continued her impressive release history with the – once again – critically acclaimed NO THANK YOU that made Danish media Soundvenue name her "one of our time's strongest rappers".

Little Simz was announced for the 2020 edition of NorthSide, but never got to play due to the pandemic. Since then, she's played a 6-star reviewed gig at Roskilde Festival as well as another sold out and well-received show in Copenhagen.

On the announcement of Little Simz, Nikoline Skaarup, who's part of the booking group at NorthSide, says:

- We've been looking so much forward to revealing Little Simz as our last addition to the lineup. She's one of the most celebrated international artists right now – and with very good reason! Her songwriting is just out of this world and combined with her original and innovative approach to her field, she's in the process of writing a very important piece of hip hop history.

For the last announcement, Little Simz is accompanied by four acts who'll be playing at the electronic stage ELECTRA. These are the British house artist Sam Divine, Benin-born Afrohouse act AMÉMÉ, Irish duo Disfreq and Danish producer Buda.

Speaking on the full lineup, Nikoline Skaarup continues:

- We're happy to present so many different genres at this year's festival. From British stadium rock, electronic pioneers, and American R&B and hip hop to indie rock, Nigerian Afropop, and pretty much everything in between. Genres feel very fluid now and less important in a way. The word "genre-bending" is being used to describe so much of the music that is being released now and as a festival we want to reflect that movement. This year we're also presenting a few more emerging artists, especially from the Danish music scene which is blooming with new talent. These are the future headliners and need our full attention.