Laura Carbone
Mourning Each Day Away
Pubblicato il 11/04/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

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“The Cycle” explores the emotional turmoil and triumphs  a transformative experience brings for the protagonist, the heroine behind a concept album moving through the seasons of a year. It begins in the springtime with the lush, wistful “Mourning Each Day Away”  and the emergence of light and determination, evolving through the remaining seasons and all they can bring into our lives as they complete the annual cycle before inevitably transforming and shifting into a new vibration. In keeping with “The Cycle”, for the next year Laura and her band will release a new single every season until the album's release in the spring of 2024.  Each single is representative of an experience or inspiration associated with that season and the story of our heroine personally,  culminating then next spring with the release of “The Cycle”.

Laura Carbone
From Germania

Sirens (2015)
Empty Sea (2018)