Pupil Slicer
No Temple
Pubblicato il 13/04/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

Disponibile il nuovo videoclip degli inglesi:


Kate Davies commenta:

"Blossom is a story that encapsulates a wide gamut of intense emotions and a rollercoaster of events over the 47 minute runtime. Likewise, the musical elements are also equally diverse whilst maintaining a cohesion to what's going on at that point in the album. The feedback we received for our first single has been overwhelmingly positive but let's face it - not what a lot of people were expecting from a band named "PUPIL SLICER". Here is a sample from the opposite end of the musical range that Blossom encapsulates -  No Temple is the heaviest song we've ever written."


Pupil Slicer
From UK

Mirrors - 2021
Blossom - 2023